How are we different?



We don't follow conventional wisdom blindly.

As students of wealth creation, asset protection, and investment strategies, we are constantly learning. Utilizing experts in various fields has always been a great idea. There is wisdom in a multitude of counselors as Proverbs says! Portfolios are constructed with each expert playing a key role in decision making. Direct ownership of income producing assets is encouraged. Business owners and real estate investors consistently grow their cash flow and net worth faster than the investing public. Whatever your position, a focus on the careful ownership of income producing assets is central to almost all strategies. In 25 years of serving our clients, we've seen many harsh market downturns. Focusing on cash flow from your portfolio will give you the staying power needed to navigate those downturns and emerge even stronger. This is what we do particularly well. 

We can do as much of the heavy lifting as you like. Our asset management and planning services are meant to put you at ease. Maybe you prefer flat fee coaching/ planning as you manage your own investments? That is possible too. In short, we are here to serve our clients in their efforts to be great stewards of their finances.